Why simplify your life?

You’ve probably heard about minimalism in art and music. Maybe also when it comes to interior design.

But what does it mean when it comes to living? Does it mean our lives become colourless, boring and repetitive?

No. It’s the opposite. It’s about what truly matters. It’s about letting go of stuff that doesn’t serve us in order to make space for things that do. It’s a journey of finding who we are and where we want to go.

We accumulate so much stuff in our life. That is how we live. If we need something, we buy it. If we feel bad, we “treat” ourselves. If we are celebrating something, surprise, we also treat ourselves.

We also spend time in shopping centres as a form of socializing and belonging. So basically, everything we do is connected to shopping in one way or another.

And without even realising it our closets and homes become too small, our schedule too packed and our free time is gone.

Minimalism gives us a way out. A way out of the busyness of modern life. A way out of spending money (and time!) on things we don’t actually need. It can help us realize what truly matters so we can focus on it, without the fear of missing out.


By looking around. What do you see? Clutter? Loads of things piled on more things?

Does your brain start thinking about what it needs to do or does it relax and enjoy the view? Does your home make you feel inspired or stressed?

This is your starting point. However you got here, this is where you are and first, you must look at it and take it all in. Write it down. Write about how you feel.

And now think about how you WANT to feel at home.

Is it inspired, light, at peace, playful, free…? Your house, your rules. You can design different emotions for different rooms. Walk from room to room and notice if there are any differences in how you feel.

And if you need more inspiration, try looking online for pictures and ideas of spaces you would like to live in. Write it next to the ‘now’ column and compare.

Whatever the difference, minimalism is a great tool to help you get there.

Once you know that it’s time to make a change and you also have an impression of what you want, then it’s time for action! 😉

Are you ready to simplify your life? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 😉

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