5 quick & fun decluttering games

Minimalism doesn’t just have to be about long decluttering sessions and cleaning. It can be fun and quick!

I’ve listed some fun games that make decluttering easier and are a great introduction for anyone considering minimalism because no matter how big or small the steps are, as long as we are moving in the right direction then we are making progress.



Set your alarm for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and take a laundry basket or a big shopping bag. Now go around the house and whenever you find something you want to declutter put it in there. You can do that with a specific room or all-around your home. And you can also do it as a game with your partner, friends or family.

Setting a timer helps you make quicker decisions based on your gut, so you don’t start overthinking and stop as a result. Try it and see how it goes 😉


If you want more time when decluttering than just pick a number. It can be 20, 50 or 100, whatever you want. Now go from room to room and try to find items that no longer serve you until you get to your number.

Again, you can include other people to make it fun or if you are up for a challenge add a timer – who is going to declutter first?


Pick a drawer, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, nightstand or wardrobe and declutter it. Take everything out and put back only what you want to keep. You can do the same with your bag.

It’s a small task, but it can show you the difference between before and after. And once you’ve finished with one section you can move to another and build on it.


Pick a surface you want to be clutter-free. It can be a countertop in the kitchen, nightstand, chest of drawers, bathroom sink… Now take everything off, clean it and put back only items you want to have there. They can be something decorative or items you frequently use. Make it your own.

And now… declare it a clutter-free zone! Nobody can put anything on it if it doesn’t belong there. Set up a rule that if you or anyone else leaves something on it they have to do five pushups or squats. So you’ll be clutter-free and fit 😉

By creating a space that is beautiful and will remain clutter-free, your mind will relax and your eyes will rest every time you see it. You’ll notice how nice it is for a change not to think about stuff every time you see a surface. And with that, you have the motivation to do the same with all other surfaces in your home.

What I did was, I declared all my surfaces clutter-free, except for one. So if I want to put something down before I have time to organize it, it is always the same surface. That way I don’t have to worry about other areas and I know where to go when I need something.


– inspired by the Minimalism game by The Minimalists

Sometimes starting with decluttering can seem overwhelming and we feel like we don’t know where to start. So why not do it daily, bit by bit, so you build your confidence. Start by picking a number you like, anywhere from 1 to 10.

Now all you have to do is get up every day and find the number of items you’ve decided to let go of each day. Do this for a month and notice how much easier it gets by the end of it. If you want you can repeat the round and do it again next month, maybe choosing an even higher number. Include your partner or friends and share your experience.

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