5 cleaning items that changed my cleaning routine

I love cleaning! Not a lot of people do, but I find it therapeutic and cleansing.

But what I absolutely hate is wasting my time and energy.

That is why I’m always looking for the best products that will make my cleaning routine more simple and/or enjoyable.

So here are five products that changed my cleaning routine.


I know I just said I loved cleaning, but I don’t like cleaning toilets. I’m not sure anyone does.

I especially hate using regular toilet brushes, because I don’t find them practical or hygienic.

So a good year ago I started looking for an improved version of a regular toilet brush and I found a silicone brush from LooBlade.

I read some reviews and quickly ordered two. Once they arrived, I had to test them out and I loved them!

I never thought I could be so excited about toilet brushes – I even showed them to my friends, haha.

But they truly changed my toilet cleaning routine; they’re effective, clean and hygienic.

There are many different silicone brushes available today, so if you’re looking to replace your old brushes, maybe this is something you can try.


I discovered this brand four years ago and I feel in love with their cloths.

You can use them with water only, even though I sometimes add some cleaning products. And they’re washable at 90C, which means you can disinfect them when needed.

They have many different products for various surfaces and purposes, but honestly, I tried a lot of them and I think by having some general-purpose cloths and window cloths, you’re more than covered for your cleaning needs.

I also own their extendable duster and a floor mop, which I love.

And for the kitchen, I have what they call wash & wipe dishcloths, which I use instead of a regular kitchen towel.


The right size cleaning caddy for your needs can make or break your cleaning routine.

I used to clean without one because I lived in a small apartment and I simply grabbed the products that I needed, which I then carried around with me.

But when we started living in a bigger apartment, this wasn’t really working anymore.

So I tried storing products in different rooms, but having duplicates always bothered me.

Then I ordered a caddy, where I can keep everything that I need and it made cleaning so much easier.

Whenever I want to clean I simply take it with me and I keep everything in one spot. So neat and smart!

If you want to create your own minimalist caddy so you can enjoy your cleaning more, then check out the blog post all about minimalist cleaning routine + tips.


We have a dog and my husband is a professional tennis player.

That means I’m doing a lot of laundry, and sometimes I have to get rid of the odour but without washing items at a high temperature.

So when I found a laundry disinfectant, it shortened my washing time of those items almost by half, while also making sure those clothes were deeply cleaned.

I don’t use it all the time, but only when items need a deep wash and they can’t be washed on more than 30 or 40C.


This was the best investment when it comes to cleaning.

We bought our cordless vacuum cleaner 4 years ago and it simplified our cleaning immensely. Whenever we need it, we simply bring it out and voila, we’re ready to go.

We bought the one from Dyson and I love its charging station.

This is the only vacuum cleaner that we have, and yes, a regular vacuum may be a bit stronger and you can vacuum for as long as you want, but honestly, if you do it regularly, you don’t need more than this.


I don’t know what this thing is called, but I found it in a store and I bought it because I can never seem to clean my hair brushes properly.

I actually had to replace my old brush because I was cleaning it so much I pulled out some of the bristles.

So when I found this little tool, all of that changed.

Now I clean my brushes weekly and they’re always clean. I just love this gadget!

What are some of your cleaning staples? Let me know in the comments below 😉

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