Winter 10×10 style challenge

If you love capsule wardrobes, you probably heard about different style challenges that you can do to experiment with your closet more.

In the past, I tried the very popular project333, but I didn’t complete it because I felt a bit too restricted – I just love having a lot of options when getting ready.

Maybe I will try it again in the future, though. You never know ๐Ÿ˜‰

So when I heard about a 10×10 style challenge, I knew it was right up my street.

It’s quick and fun, and most importantly, it challenges you to come up with some new combinations.

So what exactly is a 10×10 challenge?

The premise is very straightforward – you pick ten items to wear throughout the next ten days. Simple!

And the good thing is you can customise your selection – you can do it with clothes only, or you can include shoes and outerwear, such as jackets and coats. It really is up to you ๐Ÿ˜‰

I decided to do four different 10×10 challenges this year, starting with winter and repeating it for every season.

So what did I pick for the winter challenge?

I decided to include shoes, but not my jackets and coats because I wanted to focus more on the outfits underneath.

Here are my choices: 1 faux leather skirt, 1 pair of jeans, 2 button-up blouses, 3 sweaters and 1 sleeveless black dress. And for my shoes, I picked 2 pairs: flat over the knee boots and heeled ankle booties.

Most of these items I love and wear all the time except for the black sleeveless dress, which I purposefully chose, so I can challenge myself to find some winter outfits.

I feel like that is what works best when it comes to choosing your ten items – a combination of your favourite pieces with one or two (or even three) challenging pieces, to make it more fun and exciting.

The outfits

What I chose to wear on a particular day was mostly influenced by what I was doing.

If I was working from home, I could get away with wearing fewer layers then when I was running errands or I spend a lot of the day outside.

I also encouraged myself to think outside of the box. I could play it safe and just wear what I usually wear, but instead, I asked myself how can I wear a particular piece in a way that is new or different.

That is the whole point of the challenge anyway!

What I learned

During this challenge, I was reminded of how little we actually need when it comes to our wardrobe.

Even though this challenge is ten days long, I could quickly create another five combinations.

That doesn’t mean I would love them all and I would want to repeat them in the future, but it still shows us, how many possibilities there are with what we already own.

The other thing that I learned is that having pieces you truly love is the key to keeping a more curated closet.

Because of the challenge, I had to rewear a lot of my items, but because I love them I didn’t mind.

I could also easily wear some of the outfits two days in a row and I would still feel happy to wear them.

So the lesson is: when you have things that you love, you donโ€™t get tired of wearing them and you can style them over and over again and still feel amazing.

And that is crucial to remember when weโ€™re shopping – if the new pick is not a ten and we donโ€™t jump for joy when we wear it, we shouldn’t buy it.

If we don’t feel fabulous when we’re trying something in the store, why would we feel fabulous wearing it somewhere else?

Would I do anything differently?

If I had to pick again, I would replace my black crew neck jumper for a black turtleneck to give me even more versatility.

But other than that, I was pleased with my choices.

I hope you like this little review and let me know if a 10×10 style challenge is something that you want to try? I would love to know ๐Ÿ™‚

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