Spring 10×10 style challenge

I’ve already done a winter 10×10 challenge and I really enjoyed it, so I thought I would repeat it for every different season this year.

Capsule wardrobes are a huge part of my life, and yes, I would say they changed my life, but even with a curated closet, we can’t forget to experiment and combine as much as we can.

This prevents us from feeling like we’re wearing the same things over and over again, it helps us find our new favourite combinations and it makes us realise we don’t need to go shopping for new things because we can create so many special looks with what we already have.

That is why I always recommend to people to try some style challenges because they can really help you transform your relationship to style 😉

With all of this being said, let’s jump into my choices and outfits!

What is a 10×10 challenge?

It’s a style challenge where you pick ten items to wear throughout the next ten days. What you pick is up to you, so customise the selection to suit your lifestyle.

Some people love to include shoes and outerwear but some do it with clothes only. I personally like to have a mix of shoes and clothes, but I leave out the outerwear since I don’t have that many coats and I just wear pretty much the same thing.

So choose whatever you want because you’re the only one that knows what you want to get out of this challenge; you can pick pieces you’re not wearing to give them one last test drive and find out if there are ways you can wear them so you end up loving the result. You can pick your favourite pieces to see if there are new combinations you haven’t worn yet. Or you can play with different colours to step out of your comfort zone. It really is up to you!

My picks for spring challenge

I always start by picking out shoes first, and this time I decided to go for my white sneakers and black wedges, so I get as much versatility as I can.

Then I added my black joggers, distressed jeans, white jeans and a light grey pencil skirt as my bottoms, and a black long sleeve top, black blazer, pink cami and coral button-up shirt as my tops.

The majority of these items I wear a lot, except for a grey pencil skirt and black wedges, which I wanted to include to find some new style combinations.

That is also what I recommend for others who are starting this challenge: pick 8-9 items that you love, but then include 1-2 pieces that are more “challenging” to make it more fun and to get the most out of this styling challenge.

The outfits

We’re at home most days at the moment but I still wanted to style my outfits as if I would go outside and do stuff I normally do.

This makes me feel a little bit normal, hehe, but it also helps me stay true to the spring weather since this is a challenge for spring.

My little goal was to create outfits that are really different from each to show how much we can do without repeating ourselves and I think I did a good job.

So here are the outfits and I hope you get some inspiration for spring 😉

What did I learn?

If you’ve ever done a challenge like this you know, you always get something out of it.

And this time, I learned that I’m sometimes restricted by other peoples opinions in my head.

For example: I had my coral button-up blouse for 3 years now and I always wore it as a shirt only. Only this week was the first time that I tied it up to create a little crop top blouse with a knot.

Usually, I wouldn’t even think about doing this because it would just be a no in my head, but this week I played around to create a new look and I loved the result.

And then I could see that I would’ve worn this before if I wasn’t afraid of what would people think if a show a little bit of midriff.

I truly believe we shouldn’t obsess with what peoples opinions because we’ll never please everybody. Instead, we can check in with ourselves and if something feels right for us, then great, we should wear it and enjoy it!

And that is exactly what I did 😉

So this is my little lesson from the challenge.

I hope you like this little review and that you got some inspiration to try a style challenge for yourself! And if you have any thoughts you would like to share, leave me a comment down below 🙂

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