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My name is Kim Bedene and I started this blog to share all about minimalism, decluttering and simple intentional living.

I believe we deserve to live peaceful and joyful lives and the things we own are often a big source of stress and dissatisfaction.

That is why Iā€™m helping people declutter their homes and wardrobes, so they find their quiet balance and they can finally enjoy their home.

I discovered minimalism in 2015 and it transformed my life in a very unexpected way. I always loved fashion and shopping, but surprisingly the more stuff I had, the more confused I was about my style. I wanted to try and be everything. My closet (a small room at that time) was very confusing and getting dressed every day was frustrating.

So when I heard about minimalism I just wanted a little bit more clarity. What happened next is my whole life transformed. I started doing it in other areas as well and now I want to share my thoughts, story and everything that I learned on my journey.

I’ll talk about what minimalism is, how to get started and my tips on decluttering, how to shop better and of course how minimalism is great for your style! I will also share some beauty tips and some thoughts on how we can make our life a little bit better.

I hope you enjoy it!


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